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Update from GCAP Pakistan on Its Work in 2010-2011

More of this space is being dedicated to updates sent directly from GCAP National Coalitions. The following is an update from GCAP Pakistan on the work and achievements conducted there in the past two years. Check the regional and country pages for more updates from GCAP Around the World.

Regional Leadership

It is a matter of great honor for GCAP Pakistan and AWAZ that Mr. Muhammad Zia –ur-Rehman has been selected as a Regional convener of GCAP in South Asia and Awaz Foundation as a regional secretariat of GCAP in Pakistan in March, 2011. After a focused membership drive the total membership of the coalition has reached to 213 CSOs, community based organizations, networks and movements. The regional secretariat and the core team has put in place much efforts in democratizing operational and decentralize planning and campaigning mechanisms of the coalition. We have formed four provincial level coordinators. The new membership and decentralized structures are now fully functional and contributing to the GCAP national planning.

Advocacy initiatives during 2010-2011

During the year 2010-2011 we celebrated Week of Action  to Raise Voice on  Issues  related to Education  and 10,000  post  cards  distributed  among CSOs, NGOs and Schools  in order to remind  the  Government  of  their promise  of  allocating  4%  of  GDP  by 2012  and  7%  by  2015.   10 major activities to highlight the Importance of education in masses and to demand Increase in budgetary allocation for education were being organized successfully all across Pakistan. This include  Press  Briefings, Post  Cards  to  Prime  Minister, Awareness  Seminars  and Conferences  Key demands  were  published  and disseminated  among  masses  and concerned stakeholders through letters and post cards. As a part of Education Week of Action, School going children had also organised the Press Conference to the Prime Minister  of  Pakistan.  They stated that Uncle Prime Minster please allocate  4%  of  GDP  for education and keep your promises.

6 Pre Budget Seminars  were organised by GCAP-Pakistan  National  Secretariat  and GCAP  Coalition  Members  at  5 different  places  i.e.  Multan  (10-05-10),  Lahore  (18-05-10),  Hyderabad (21-05-10),  Quetta  (28-05-10)  and Karachi  (29-05-10) in year 2010 and one pre-budget seminar was organized at Islamabad in the ongoing year 2011. The  purpose  for organizing  GCAP  Pre  Budget Campaign  was  to  accomplish  the objectives  for  highlighting  the  issues of poverty & dismal situation of health &  education  sectors  in  Pakistan, National  Secretariat  with  consent  of  GCAP  Pakistan  Coalition  members decided  to  remind  the  policy makers  and  government  functionaries  to  keep their  promises  which  they  had  made  with  the  common  masses  regarding poverty reduction & better health & education facilities to be added in the new finance bill for the fiscal year 2010 - 2011. 

On  July  7,  2010  the  Planning Commission  of  Pakistan (Government of Pakistan)  issued  the Pakistan  Millennium  Development Goals  Report  2010  (PMDGR  2010) which  is  the  fourth  in  the series. This is for the first time in Pakistan that GCAP Pakistan  initiated to release a shadow  report  on  Millennium  Development  Goals  Report.  GCAP-Pakistan scheduled five  Consultative meetings across  the country i.e. Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore Quetta and Islamabad  and   gave  an opportunity  to  Civil  Society  Organizations  to  present  their  analysis  on Millennium Development Goals Report. Loopholes in MDGR 2010, are very clearly highlighted in the report drafted by GCAP under the title of Civil Society Perspective on Pakistan MIllinium Development Goals Report 2010.

Total 20,000  posters and post  cards  and 1000 copies of report titled ‘Civil  Society  Perspectives  on Pakistan  Millennium  Development Goals Report 2010 ‘were  being  published and  distributed  among  CSOs  and GCAP  Partners  regarding  Education Week of Action and Stand  up & Take Action  Make  Noise  for  the  MDGs Campaign 2010.   The purpose was  to inform people about the campaign and to  make  people  conscious  to participate  excitedly  in  the  GCAP upcoming  events.  One  of  the  major objectives  was  also  to  create awareness  and  sensitization  of  the general  public  through  the  messages given  in  the  posters  about  poverty related issues. 

GCAP Pakistan & Civil Society  through a  letter  to Prime Minister of Pakistan urged the need to craft  a  clear  plan  for  achieving  MDGs  and  to announce  that  plan  at  the  MDG  Summit  in September. On  14th  Sep,  2010  the  letter was handed over  to Advisor  to Prime Minister  , Ms. Shahnaz Wazir  Ali  on  behalf  of  435  coalition member  organizations  and  civil  society networks  of  GCAP-Pakistan  from  across  the country

Pakistan  stand out pre-dominantly  in  its action  to  stand up and make noise campaign  for  the MDG'S  17th to 19th Sep, 2010 this  year. A  total number of  77 organizations  took part  throughout  Pakistan,  as  a  whole  200  events  were  registered  from Pakistan out of which 162 were from the platform of GCAP Pakistan from 54 districts in 5 provinces of Pakistan.  Hunger  "The  Perfect  Storm"  GCAP  Pakistan  Press  Briefing followed  by  Opening  of  the  Stand  Up  &  Take  Action,  Make Noise for the MDGS 16-09-10  .  GCAP  Pakistan  with  the  support  of approx participation of the 350 people from Civil  Society Organisations  and youth  groups  carried  out  a demonstration  in  front  of  the  Multan Press  Club.  Local,  national  and international press community was on scene  to  give  coverage  of  the  opening  event  of  S.U.T.A  2010.  The same events were  also  carried  from  the  platform  of  the GCAP Pakistan Headquarters  in Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and Muzaffarabad. 

Education for All" GCAP Pakistan Grand Event (17-09-10) was carried out at Government High School Shamsbad for  Girls  &  Boys.    Both    male    and female    students    attended    with    a total attendance    of    over    5000.  They    demonstrated    using   Balloon Hooters  and  posters  and  demanded that  the 42 million  children  that were deprived  of  the  privilege    of  Education    the   Government    needs  to  step  up  its  efforts  to  fulfill    their  promise    in    achieving  that  goal. The18th of September was a Mark day throughout Pakistan and was celebrated by the ringtone activity.   The  stand  up  and  take  action  song was  used  as  ringtones  on  cell  phones throughout  the  country  as  a  source  of  awareness.  Message  on  the  same agenda using special software was also shared and sent  to all  between  the ages  from 18  to 25  in Pakistan which  in  fact helped us  to create awareness widely. Make Noise through red, black & white (SUTA theme colors) bangles activity was also organized from the platform of the GCAP Pakistan on the same day.

Update provided by Mr. Muhammad Zia –ur-Rehman - GCAP Pakistan

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