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Action Against AIDS In Nigeria

Reports from ONE staff who recently returned from Ghana and Nigeria are still coming in, and today Aaron Banks talks about their visit to an AIDS clinic in the Nigerian capital of Lagos. Click here to read more about this ongoing series on the ONE Blog.

Aaron Banks

Sokari Ekine: A strong voice for Nigeria

Photo from BBC
I have to admit that I'd never read Sokari's blog until she became a G20Voice Blogger, but I'm excited to have her on board. Bloggers like Sokari pick up on issues that often slip through the cracks and provide a perspective not seen enough -- like her recent post on Nigerian efforts to outlaw same sex couples:
This is not just a struggle for LGBTI rights but a much broader set of rights are at stake as to whether Nigeria is prepared to be an inclusive open democratic and secular society. Alternatively will it continue moving in the direction of a political agenda dominated and policied by right wing religious extremism whereby even getting a job or accommodation is based on whether you are affiliated with a church or mosque.