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Toilets for brides

An interesting thing is happening quite close to the Indian capital. Women are expressing their desire for a clean and safe toilet as a condition for marriage. I came upon this news on a global blog.

Swati Sahi

A call for structural, sustainable, gender equitable and rights based responses to the global financial and economic crisis

"We, the Women’s Working Group on Financing for Development (WWG on FfD), recognize that the financial and economic crisis represents a critical political opportunity to make significant structural changes in the global development macroeconomic and financial architecture that reflect rights-based and equitable principles " - WWG on FfD

Women and Water

As with all major disasters, the current global economic crisis hits people living in poverty the hardest - especially regarding water. As economies around the world face severe contraction, local and national governments are drastically cutting budgets for already underfunded building and repairing of water distribution and purification systems, as well as cleanup of polluted aquifers, wetlands, rivers, and other life-sustaining eco-systems. Unfortunately, too often this is concurrent with cuts in spending for healthcare and other social services. The combination can be particularly devastating to populations that are already underserved.

So writes Rick Ulfik, organizer of the “Make Waves for Change” event launching the Global Water Campaign today, in defining the current water crisis.

UN figures indicate that 1 billion people lack access to clean drinking water. More than 2.5 billion around the world are living without proper sanitation and this further jeopardizes the quality of their water.

A Powerful Event in Florida

APN Recap Group 002
The screening may be over but we are still making “A Powerful Noise” here in Florida. On Friday, I joined our local CARE organizer, Terriah Proechel for a group discussion on the issues presented in the documentary. Most importantly, the film brought to our attention the role that women and girls play in fighting injustice and extreme poverty in countries around the world.

Sara Paterni