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Dead Aid: Dead Wrong

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Ben Hubbard, Chief of Staff,

Breaking News: DAC Releases Annual Report

Each year in early April, the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) releases preliminary figures for what each large donor country spent on official development assistance the year before. This morning, the DAC released the figures for 2008. There is some good and bad news in there. Though we will post much more analysis later in the day, here is a quick summary of ODA for sub-Saharan Africa.

Josh Lozman

Bose Oladayo Speaks Out On Aid

Every day I come across beneficiaries of aid who remind me of the importance of the work my organization does to ensure life saving programs are maintained in Africa. So as we debate the efficacy of aid, and remain resolved to ensuring its delivery is long term and sustainable, please check out the powerful story of Bose Oladayo from Lagos, Nigeria. Bose was ready to take her own life after learning she had AIDS, but after getting on treatment she is healthy again, supporting her family and working to help other HIV positive people in her community.