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"Create the Community of Peoples and Nations that We Need" ~ Marta Benavides

Speaking at the The World We Want People's Voices Series in New York on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, GCAP co-chair Marta Benavides called on all members of society to “work together to create the community of peoples and nations that we need.”

But first, she argued, the peoples of the North and South must recognise that modern poverty is rooted in the history of colonialism and exploitation.

“We need to decolonise the processes . . . I don't want a better world,” Benavides argues, “I want a different world order, but that can only happen if we have the Economic, Social and Cultural rights of people. People have dignity. We are not asking for handouts.”

MY World - A Survey about Post 2015 Priorities


The United Nations has teamed up with GCAP, youth groups, private sector bodies and other NGO partners to launch MY World, an online poll to ask people everywhere about the issues that make the most difference to their lives.

Civil Society Response to the MDG+10 Review

Over 130 organizations and networks across the world have come together under the slogan of ‘The World We Want 2015’ to coordinate actions towards the decadal review of the MDGs - held in New York from 20-22nd September this year as part of the 65th Session of the UN General Assembly - and convey a powerful message of urgency and accountability towards the next and final phase of the MDG agenda.