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From Dhaka to the World: A Challenge to Leave Poverty Behind

By Michael Switow

Speaking at a meeting of parliamentarians and civil society activists in Dhaka, Bangladesh, GCAP co-chair Amitabh Behar has challenged anti-poverty campaigners to think beyond the Millennium Development Goals and to actively place the world's most marginalised at the centre of any development conversation.

"Are we OK to just add a couple more goals to the MDGs?" Behar asked an audience of parliamentarians, activists and development partners from some twenty central and south Asian countries from Bhutan to Tajikistan. "Do we want to just simply tweak the MDGs or extend the goals for another 3 -5 years?"

Gender Issues Absent from the LDC Agenda

On 8th May 2011, GCAP Ambassador, Adelaide Sosseh, presented, "From Istanbul to Busan; Placing MDGs in the Heart of Busan", on behalf of GCAP Korea.  

The intended message of the presentation was to communicate the following:


GCAP Malawi Commemorates International Women's Day

GCAP Malawi reports on how they commemorated International Women's Day


Impressions of the People’s World Conference, Bolivia

Ana Agostino shares some impressions on the People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth that took place from 20 to 22 April in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The official numbers indicate that there were 35.000 participants (over 9.000 foreigners) from more than 140 countries. There were also official delegates from some governments, including from Mexico, the country in charge of organising the COP 16.

Update from Cochabamba, by Ana Agostino (GCAP FTF, GCAP Global Council)

Yesterday was the opening session of the people’s world conference on climate change and the rights of mother earth here in Cochabamba. We arrived Monday night and Tuesday morning we went directly to the place for registration and we found a very long queue.