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Reflections on COP 16 and Beyond...

Cancun, Cancun, one could say, if one knows about Cancun, what better place to work on environment?

This is green, jungle, biodiversity, the tropics... the land of the Mayans, the indigenous people who as many other indigenous nations, maintained a close relationship with Mother Earth, that is how they called the planet, conscious of the caring planet, conscious of a cosmo vision, a way at looking at oneself from one’s place and role in the cosmos....

GCAP Signs a Call for a Fair Global Climate Fund

Call for a Fair Global Climate Fund at Cancún Climate Conference COP16

We are joining together as civil society to call for the establishment of a fair global climate fund at COP-16 that will meet the needs and interests and protect the rights of the most vulnerable communities and people around the world.

Thousands March for Life, Environmental & Social justice in Mexico City

COP16 Mexico City March

Women, men and youth, rural and small farmer communities and indigenous peoples from all over the world, took to the streets of Mexico city before boarding caravans that will take them to Cancun where the UN Climate conference COP16 is taking place.