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4th UN Conference on the LDCs; A Civil Society Perspective from Nepal

Read the statement sent by GCAP Nepal with key demands to both the Nepalese Government and to the international donor community towards the LDC Conference.

A world without LDCs is possible!

Time for a Clarion Call!

We Stand As One With The People of Japan


(c) Jensen Walker/Save the Children/Getty Images for Save the Children


A Show of Support and Solidarity With Japan

GCAP has received with shock news of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Japan.

It is with great agony that we have received the sad news of the tsunami that hit your country. Accept our condolences for the lives lost and wishes for quick recovery for the injured.

- Mwangi Waituru, coordinator, GCAP Kenya - 

Keen to Save the World? The Fate of the World Game Gives You the Chance

Help save our planet by playing the new Fate of the World Game!

If you buy the special charity edition at launch, you don’t just get a fascinating game about fighting climate change, but you also directly support the global climate change movement as full proceeds on launch day go to the TckTckTck campaign.


Reflections on COP 16 and Beyond...

Cancun, Cancun, one could say, if one knows about Cancun, what better place to work on environment?

This is green, jungle, biodiversity, the tropics... the land of the Mayans, the indigenous people who as many other indigenous nations, maintained a close relationship with Mother Earth, that is how they called the planet, conscious of the caring planet, conscious of a cosmo vision, a way at looking at oneself from one’s place and role in the cosmos....

GCAP Signs a Call for a Fair Global Climate Fund

Call for a Fair Global Climate Fund at Cancún Climate Conference COP16

We are joining together as civil society to call for the establishment of a fair global climate fund at COP-16 that will meet the needs and interests and protect the rights of the most vulnerable communities and people around the world.