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Montreal Declaration and Plan of Action on Post-2015

We, the participants of the Post-2015 Civil Society Conference at the CIVICUS World Assembly, gathered in Montreal 4 September 2012, in the firm belief that it is possible to eradicate poverty, hunger, and injustice.

Outcomes of Workshop to Shape the Post-2015 Agenda

More than 70 individuals attended the World We Want - Beyond 2015 session on the post 2015 agenda held at the CIVICUS World Assembly, Montreal on 11 Sep 2011. The attendees included representatives of advocacy organizations, women’s groups, trade unions, foundations, youth organizations and UN agencies - repre

GCAP South Africa Joins Call for Human Rights and Ratification of OP-ICESCR

GCAP South Africa joins leading African and international civil society groups and citizens in protest rally calling for human rights and the ratification of the OP-ICESCR