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Aid Groups Urge Japan Not to Cut ODA Budget Following March Disaster

TOKYO - Aid groups urged Japan on Wednesday not to cut its official development assistance budget, following Tokyo’s decision to slash around 10 percent of foreign aid allocations for fiscal 2011 from the initial plan to raise funds for reconstruction after the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Representatives of the aid groups, who will attend a conference in Tokyo from Thursday on implementing the U.N. Millennium Development Goals on poverty reduction, called on Japan to maintain its efforts to help poor nations while pursuing its own recovery.

GCAP Pakistan Demands Budget for MDGs

“We Demand Budget for MDGs”

GCAP Pakistan Holds Pre-budget Seminar in Islamabad

Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) Pakistan, Awaz Foundation Pakistan and

NGO Round Up on President’s 2010 Budget Proposal

Two news updates from the Chronicles of Philanthropy sum up much of the reaction to President Obama’s 2010 budget from U.S. international development and advocacy NGOs. The headline from the first, which ran yesterday, reads “Global Health Groups Upset by President’s Budget Proposal.” Today, the second ran.

Mark Brinkmoeller

President Obama’s 2010 Budget on Global Development

Today, President Obama and his Administration released their budget request to Congress for the fiscal year 2010. This gives us a look at the President’s priorities for the year and sets the tone for the Congressional debate about how much money will actually be appropriated. The numbers have just been released and so that is what we have posted here. We will release our reactions and commentary soon. Overall though, a $2.9 billion increase in the key development accounts that ONE monitors.

Larry Nowels and Josh Lozman