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Gender Issues Absent from the LDC Agenda

On 8th May 2011, GCAP Ambassador, Adelaide Sosseh, presented, "From Istanbul to Busan; Placing MDGs in the Heart of Busan", on behalf of GCAP Korea.  

The intended message of the presentation was to communicate the following:


GCAP Global Council Member, Ashok Bharti, Awarded the CARE Millennium Award

CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg honours GCAP Global Council Member, Ashok Bharti for his courageous and effective work for the rights of the Dalits in India with the CARE Millennium Award 2011.

Within the Millennium Campaign, Mr. Bharti has relentlessly encouraged the Dalits to exercise their rights in conjunction with government and non-government programs.

GCAP India Calls for Increased Spending on Education & Health

GCAP India (Wada na Todo Abhiyan) and their "Nine is Mine Campaign" calls for increased spending on education and health - 6 and 3 % GDP accordingly.

The Government has just announced that it will increase health spending to 2% - the campaign will continue to lobby for the extra 1%  

4th UN Conference on the LDCs; A Civil Society Perspective from Nepal

Read the statement sent by GCAP Nepal with key demands to both the Nepalese Government and to the international donor community towards the LDC Conference.

A world without LDCs is possible!

Time for a Clarion Call!