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GCAP Global Council Member, Ashok Bharti, Awarded the CARE Millennium Award

CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg honours GCAP Global Council Member, Ashok Bharti for his courageous and effective work for the rights of the Dalits in India with the CARE Millennium Award 2011.

Within the Millennium Campaign, Mr. Bharti has relentlessly encouraged the Dalits to exercise their rights in conjunction with government and non-government programs.

Circling the Drain: Aid Agencies Slash Budgets

As Mr. Donne once said, the bell tolls for thee - and, at the moment, it's tolling rather loudly for aid agencies. The global financial crisis has had a brutal impact on aid agencies, eviscerating budgets and forcing drastic action.

[Photo from narcist11.wordpress.com]

Michael Kleinman

Aid Worker Fatalities in 2009

This is a regularly updated list of aid worker fatalities in 2009. So far this year, 37 aid workers have been killed:

[Police investigating an attack against an aid worker in Pakistan - Photo from AP / New York Times]

Michael Kleinman