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Update: October 17th Actions

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty was marked around the world again this year, with actions in 30 countries. Below, we highlight some actions that were taken to build The World We Want:

  • In South Korea, On Saturday, October 20th at Han River Park, over 300 participants joined in events and performances, with a slogan Stand Up and Take Action. The event was sponsored by Hyundai Motors and KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency). Messages against poverty and inequality were delivered on kites. Over 15 organisations took part in the campaign, with a variety of programmes.
  • In Pakistan, World Food Day was marked alongside October 17th.  Over 7,000 people stood up against poverty and food insecurity in different events all across the country. There was widespread press coverage, and thousands of pamphlets and leaflets were published and disseminated. There is an uphill battle to achieve the MDGs by 2015, since the government has reduced health and education budgets. Civil society is intensifying the pressure through its mobilization actions.
  • In Sri Lanka, a meeting took place on post-2015. An inter-religious group held a march to Stand Up and Take Action, marching forward, and symbolizing the way the country is moving forward after 30 years of war.
  • In Germany, there was a week of action from October 14th to the 21st on the Right to Food. Signatures were collected to petition for a common agricultural policy in the EU supportive of development. In a publicity stunt, 868 empty pots were placed in front of the Berlin Gate, to raise awareness about the 868 million people suffering from hunger, and the contribution of speculation to food price volatility. For more information can please click here.
  • In Australia, there were flash mobs in every capital city, along with a postcard campaign. To view videos of this event please click here
  • In Japan, more than 1200 events took place in all 47 prefectures of the country. Over 20,000 people were mobilized to Stand Up and Take Action!
  • In Uganda, events were held in the conflict torn northern districts on the right to food, and peace and security.
  • In El Salvador, there were three days of action, on the post-2015 agenda, on the International Day for Rural Women, and on the International Day for Food. Events took place at the university, and brought together students, economists, youth, women, and rural and first nations representatives to discuss their concerns on these themes, and in support of a national campaign on the constitutional universal right to food. Commitments were made on a range of issues, including food sovereignty, the constitutional universal right to water, and others. An open letter was signed to be presented to the Council and the General Assembly of the National (State) University to commit to work and mainstream these concerns in all of its work. The participants committed to maintain the necessary and timely follow up and to bring other sectors of the society on board.  A commitment to accompaniment first nations to address the plight they face due to extraction and discrimination practices in their territories was made, and fact finding visits to their territories has been arranged. Banners were placed in key areas of the city, and there media coverage. This event was brought about through cooperative efforts of INFORP- National University of El Salvador, SERR/Siglo XXIII, Asoc Nueva Vida, CEEUS (Ecumenical Ctte of Salvadorian University Students, GCAP - El Salvador, G50
  • In Bolivia, there were forums and debates in Universities highlighting the challenges of poverty and inequality in the country. Links were especially drawn between climate justice and the rights of indigenous people.
  • In the DRC, over 500 moringa trees were planted in eastern Congo. This took place along with discussions on environmental preservation, hunger, and the nutritional menefits of the moringa oleifera tree.
  • In the Netherlands, EEN launched the Shop Against Poverty action to show shoppers where to find sustainable and fair products. A sustainable shopping trail was created to show consumers where to buy organic, fair trade and second hand products.
  • In Spain, the Spanish citizenry went to the streets in more than 35 cities to protest against a policy of cut-backs that only continues to impoverish the people. Some measures mean the dismantling of the welfare state, the violation of rights, and that increase social inequalities.

If you have not yet sent through information of pictures of your event to the global secretariat, please email standup2012@whiteband.org.