The Route to Economic Recovery Lies in Climate Recovery

President Obama has invigorated the debate on climate action and clean energy both in the United States, and internationally.

This isn't just good news for our planet and energy security, but for our economic recovery and future prosperity as countries the world over fight the global recession.

In Britain and in the US, tough economic times led some people to say that we should row back on tackling climate change and delay any moves to a low carbon economy.

But now we know that the route to economic recovery lies in climate recovery.

Friday Laugh: E-cards for Climate Change-deniers and your favorite despot

"When you care enough to hit send." You can always count on someecards.com to put things in perspective. They don't disappoint with these Earth Day cards.

Not to be outdone, G20Voice blogger, Michael Kleinman answer the age-old query, "Why, why is it so difficult to find the perfect greeting card to send to your favorite dictator or despot?"

(VIDEO) Bill Clinton: My Message on Earth Day

Bill Clinton sent the following message to supporters about the importance of stopping climate change as part of the fight to end global poverty.
Video and full statement after the jump.