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AP's Dangerous NKorea Headline

Can headlines make war? Well, sometimes. I doubt this one will, but what were those editors at AP thinking? So, a North Korean missile slammed into the Security Council?! Yes, the punctuation makes the sentence grammatically correct, but still irresponsible.

Make a Climate Change Advert About Copenhagen and Go to Cannes!

Your challenge is to make a video that tells people why December's UN climate change summit in Copenhagen is one of the most important meetings in human history, and that the clock is ticking on our chances to save the world from the effects of climate change. You must be between the ages of 18-28 to participate, and you only have 48 hours to create and submit your video -- midnight, May 17.

Friday Laugh: Jon Stewarts admits 'I'm a carbon emitter' to head of EPA (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart welcomed the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa P. Jackson. Jackson described the euphoria at the EPA as science took over for politics in EPA decision making. Oh, "Decider," how we miss thee.

Jackson insisted that the US can lead on reducing carbon emissions while still keeping the economy strong and vibrant. Jon Stewart just wanted to know if breathing would be outlawed. No, Jon. You can still breath, you just might get asthma.

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