(VIDEO) Robert Webb dances for Comic Relief

Red Nose Day '09 was a great success raising over 59 million pounds and counting. You can still give. Let's Dance for Comic Relief helped contribute to that success with one of my favorites, Robert Webb, from Peep Show taking top honors. He has my vote.
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Sokari Ekine: A strong voice for Nigeria

Photo from BBC
I have to admit that I'd never read Sokari's blog until she became a G20Voice Blogger, but I'm excited to have her on board. Bloggers like Sokari pick up on issues that often slip through the cracks and provide a perspective not seen enough -- like her recent post on Nigerian efforts to outlaw same sex couples:
This is not just a struggle for LGBTI rights but a much broader set of rights are at stake as to whether Nigeria is prepared to be an inclusive open democratic and secular society. Alternatively will it continue moving in the direction of a political agenda dominated and policied by right wing religious extremism whereby even getting a job or accommodation is based on whether you are affiliated with a church or mosque.

G20 News Round Up for March 15

There was a generally lukewarm response to the G20 Finance Ministers meetings, with the main story being the agreement to give more money IMF (but no specifics on how much) and also comment on fact that US - EU rift on priorities didn't get any worse:

Sam Graham-Felsen is our first US blogger at G20Voice

We are really excited to have Sam Graham-Felsen at G20Voice.

Sam was the Director of Blogging and Blog Outreach for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. He wrote for and oversaw BarackObama.com/blog, the most-viewed page of any presidential campaign's website.

Poverty to Power blogger Duncan Green joins G20Voice

Duncan Green from the amazing blog - From Poverty to Power - will be joining G20Voice at the G20 Summit.

"I am the Head of Research at Oxfam GB and last year published my book, From Poverty to Power: How Active Citizens and Effective States can Change the World. My blog, continues exploring the ideas I wrote about in my book and hopefully provokes debate and enhances the current conversations around development issues."