Sam Graham-Felsen is our first US blogger at G20Voice

We are really excited to have Sam Graham-Felsen at G20Voice.

Sam was the Director of Blogging and Blog Outreach for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. He wrote for and oversaw BarackObama.com/blog, the most-viewed page of any presidential campaign's website.

Poverty to Power blogger Duncan Green joins G20Voice

Duncan Green from the amazing blog - From Poverty to Power - will be joining G20Voice at the G20 Summit.

"I am the Head of Research at Oxfam GB and last year published my book, From Poverty to Power: How Active Citizens and Effective States can Change the World. My blog, continues exploring the ideas I wrote about in my book and hopefully provokes debate and enhances the current conversations around development issues."

I Dream of Stiglitz

What does it mean when I'm having dreams about a Nobel Prize winning economist? That the world is in great crisis, and only great leadership can save us.

Nominate a blogger to attend the G20 Summit.

G20 Voice is go, and we need you.

G20 Voice wants to make sure that you can connect to the leaders of the G20 countries, when they meet, April 2, 2009 in London.

We want you to engage in the debate, and make sure that the leaders hear your views on why it is important to tackle global poverty reduction and climate change, especially during the financial crisis.

G20 Voice will be able to offer 50 bloggers, the unique opportunity to be accredited to be at the G20 Summit and follow it's progress on your behalf. And 1,000's of bloggers will also be able to blog via our live stream, direct from the G20 Summit.