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Bush can you place your stethoscope south-west of Burkina Faso

Oxfam Big Heads map out need for health workers in Africa.

Emma Seery, Oxfam's G8 Campaigns Coordinator, reports live from the stunt frontline...

Emma SeeryEmma Seery: Oxfam's G8 Campaigns Coordinator


Such a great day today!

Africa needs action and it needs it now


My name is Eve Odete and I work with Oxfam in Africa to end poverty and injustice. Africa needs action and it needs it now. That’s why I’m here in Germany – because I believe the G8 leaders must play a key role in this. I want to make sure (as much as I can) that Africa remains steadfastly on the agenda. I want to bring the African voice into the forefront of the calls for action and to remind the world leaders that the cost of their inaction is millions of precious lives lost through poverty and disease.

Our Man in Heiligendamm


takumo2.jpgMy name is Takumo Yamada, and I arrived from Tokyo into Germany on Friday, to work for Oxfam on the G8. This week I need to make sure the Japanese media are covering the G8 Summit and know what is going on. They need to know what the G8’s decisions mean for the millions of people living in poverty - and this is particularly important for the Japanese people as we will be hosting the G8 next year. I’m working from the Oxfam Media Office and from the official G8 Press Centre just near where the summit actually takes place. And I will be spending the week trying to find out as much up-to-the-minute G8 gossip as I can!

Once upon a time, there were ... 'eight kings!


Big Head puppets horsing around at Rostock Harbour

“Once upon a time, there were ... 'eight kings!' my little readers will say right away. No, children, you are wrong. Once upon a time there was a piece of wood....”

Rock Im Park - rocks against poverty


rockimpark11.jpgI´m writing this on the train to Rostock, Rock im Park just behind me. I´m exhausted but pleased and happy at the same time.

Four days ago the Oxfam ´Rock-im-Park´ team arrived in Nuernberg for the biggest rock music festival in Germany. This year it was a sell out, which meant we were sharing the camping area with 60 000 people. Our aim was to collect as many signatures against poverty as possible, to help build up more than a million names for a symbolic handover in Rostock during the G8.

Black Gold movie screening in Rostock


Black Gold movie logo

Tobias Hauschild is policy adviser for the G8 at Oxfam germany. by Tobias Hauschild, policy adviser for the G8 at Oxfam Germany.


I went to Black Gold movie screening Oxfam Germany organized last Sunday in Rostock. I am part of the Oxfam team here working on the G8. Although trade is not the highest priority of the G8's discussions this year, trade justice is crucial to ending poverty. And that's what we are here to demand the G8 does!

Merkel receives our Voices Against Poverty


From peaceful protest to escalating tension

Peaceful Protest and Police in Rostock. Credit: Craig Owen / Oxfam International.
Peaceful Protest and Police in Rostock. Credit: Craig Owen / Oxfam International.