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Post 2015 - A View from 39 Countries

“The economy is growing, but poverty is increasing. Clearly, we need to change the way we define progress.” ~ Nigeria

“The most disadvantaged have seen few or no improvements and the disparities between them and others have only increased.” ~ Finland

“So far, we haven’t heard any information about the government of China’s positions on the Post-2015 process. A key challenge is the block of related government information and lack of formal public participation channels.” ~ China

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These are just a few of the lessons from civil society consultations conducted in nearly forty countries across four continents.  Thousands of organisations, citizens and people living in impoverished communities shared stories about a basic denial of human rights, incluing lack of access to decent education, health care and jobs.  The consultations were facilitated by GCAP, Beyond 2015 and the International Forum of National NGO Platforms (IFP).

The final report, entitled "Civil Society Demands for the Post-2015 Agenda from 39 Countries", notes that poverty eradication and development must be based on four key values:

  • human rights
  • equality and justice
  • environmental sustainability
  • good governance, participation and accountability.

“Poverty continues to exist in our society because of unequal access to resources and services such as land, education, health and opportunities such as employment, and participation in decision-making,” notes the consultation report from Nepal.

“In order to attain significant and sustainable changes in the lives of people and communities, and not simply reduce gaps in statistics, it is essential to rethink the current paradigms of social and economic development from the human rights perspective," add participants in the consultation process from Mexico.

The synthesis report, which is currently available in English, will be also be published in French and Spanish soon.


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This is a great resource and advocacy tool.

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