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GCAP Pakistan Monitors the Achievements of MDGs

A National Conference was organized by Action Aid in collaboration with AusAid. Main agenda of the conference was to highlight achievements of the MDGs and sharing the weaknesses found in the allocation of existing budget. Different partner civil society organizations of Action Aid presented their reports about status of Millennium Development Goals and ratio of success and failures in their target communities at district and provisional level.

In the same scenario Mr Rana Riaz Saeed member from National Steering Committee of GCAP Pakistan has presented Civil Society Perspective report on MDGs 2010.  He shared that in this report GCAP Pakistan has aimed to obtain CSOs perspective on PMDGR 2010 in order to ascertain that how far the claims of Planning Commission (GoP) about the achievements towards MDGs target are factual.

He further enlightened that GCAPs report reveals that PMDGR is totally misleading about MNH, Gender, Energy, Education, Water and Sanitation related indicators and issues with fake data. Realizing the enormity of the damages caused by the floods GCAP fear that it would be difficult for Pakistan to maintain even the present pace of progress towards MDGs. Rather it would further decrease the progress whatsoever the country has been doing since last ten years. Thus it seems that MDGs will not be achievable if present budget allocations for all components persist in future.

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