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iMove for Justice, Peace and Equality

New Asian Campaign Starts Now


With just 500 days until the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals and the start of a proposed new global framework to end poverty, the Action/2015 Asia platform is launching a series of interlinked public actions called "i Move Against Injustice, Inequality and Insecurity" to demand that local and global leaders deliver on promises to uphold the rights of every woman, man and child on the planet.

Asian activists have chosen Tuesday 19 August as the start for this campaign, because it not only marks the 500-day deadline for the MDGs, but is also Global Humanitarian Day. The next sixteen months present a unique opportunity for action as global leaders are expected to adopt a new set of Sustainable Development Goals and finalise international climate negotiations at 'COP 21'.

A series of public actions, mass mobilisations, conversations, petitions, rallies, events and processes - both on ground and online - are being unleashed to confront the reality and consequences of obscene inequality. iMoves will raise awareness and outrage against rigged business-as-usual rules, as well as the excessive consumption that is busting our planetary boundaries, and will shape this outrage into collaborative solutions. iMoves will also entertain, educate and engage!

Action/2015 Asia is an inclusive platform to underline the urgency of global opportunities, challenge the business-as-usual mindset of political and business leaders as well as the structural causes that perpetuate poverty, inequality, injustice and insecurity. Action 2015/Asia is aligned with the international action/2015 campaign and GCAP's 'Global Moves for Justice'.


About Action 2015 / Asia


Action 2015/Asia is a broad and inclusive platform to inspire and mobilise individuals, organizations, social movements and other stakeholders across the continent to achieve a just and sustainable world. From its launch in August 2014 through the end of 2015, action/2015 Asia will amplify the voices and aspirations of Asians to influence governments, businesses, institutions as well as the Post-2015 sustainable development agenda and international climate negotiations. Action 2015/Asia was founded by representatives of 31 civil society organisations from thirteen countries, including eleven international networks and platforms: ADA, Beyond 2015, CAN, CIVICUS AGNA, Feminist Task Force, GCAP, IFP, NGO Forum on the ADB, Save the Children, Socially Excluded Task Force and World Vision.

About The Issues


The fundamental human rights of more than a billion people - including the rights to education, health, water, sanitation, food and a safe clean environment - are denied daily. Discrimination and unequal treatment denies the rights of women and socially excluded communities, often relegating them to lives of exploitation and poverty. The world's 85 richest people are worth as much as the poorest 3.5 billion (half the globe's population). Twenty percent of the world's population consumes 80% of the planet's ecological resources. A billion people go to bed hungry while 33% of food produced is wasted annually in the production to consumption chain. Asia, the stellar performer of global economy, spends only 2.5% of its income on social protection. Two-thirds of people living in extreme poverty are women. Lust for money, power and natural resources fuels armed conflict while violence in nearly 1 out of every 3 countries prevents people from leading normal lives. Time is running out!


For more information, please contact

Nalini Vaz, GCAP Asia at nalini.vaz@whiteband.org


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