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Get Ready to Move in 2015 !

Running, walking, biking, dancing, flying, in rickshaws or on boda bodas . . . we are going to be on the move, throughout 2015, starting in a place of injustice that we will transform with citizen action and concrete demands to governments and global leaders to create a just world for people and planet, now and for future generations.

Over the next few months GCAP National Coalitions and Constituency Groups will be coming together to make plans as part of an exciting new campaign, Global Moves for Justice 2015 - a flexible campaign action that can be adapted to each national and regional context.  (Read on for more details!)

The development of Global Moves for Justice 2015 follows a six month consultation across the GCAP network -- starting with the November 2013 Global Assembly and adoption of the Johannesburg Call to Action, followed by a Campaign Narrative: “15 Solutions for 2015” and finally Five Mobilisation Ideas which were shared with GCAP National Coalitions and Constituency Groups for feedback.

We learned that there is a certain fatigue around “summiteering” style mobilisations focused on events in New York.  GCAP Coalitions want mobilisations to be connected to local issues that are meaningful to people and then connect these to the global processes.  

What does a Global Move for Justice look like? 

"A Global Move" is a public facing political event with three key components:

1.  Awareness

Global Moves will raise awareness of an issue of injustice based on the '15 Solutions for 2015' Campaign Narrative.

2.  Political Demands 

Global Moves will offer a clear political demand to governments, the private sector or international institutions to address this injustice at the local, regional and/or global level.

 3.  Movement!

People will  physically move.  You can be as creative as you'd like.  Symbolically, think about moving from injustice to a symbolic site of justice.

How  does each “ Move” connect to a Global Campaign? 

 1. The demands from each Global Move will be collected and brought to the UN meeting in September 2015. 

2. The campaign will have a common visual identity. 

3.  We'll create a dynamic online space to document the moves, demands, achievements and create a sense of momentum. 

4.  There will be acts of solidarity across countries and regions at key moments.  For example, if a German company has grabbed land in Cameroon, citizen in both countries cna carry out a coordinated mobilization.

What do we hope to achieve through this campaign?

  • Put mass public pressure on Governments to create a Post-2015 sustainable development framework that tackles the social and structural dimensions of poverty.
  • Generate change at national and local levels 
  • Promote popular awareness of the Post 2015 Framework so that it is used by citizens to hold governments accountable to their promises.

How can I get involved? 

Regional meetings are being organized in Asia, Africa and Latin America over the next three months to plan Global Move events; plans in Europe are already underway.  All interested organizations, networks and alliances are invited to come on board! 

For more information please contact the GCAP Regional Coordinators:


This article was written by Fionuala Cregan, GCAP's Mobilisation Task Force Coordinator, who has been moving and mobilising for justice since she took her first steps in Ireland some years ago.
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