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GCAP Malawi Commemorates International Women's Day

GCAP Malawi reports on how they commemorated International Women's Day


Women are marginalized in relation to access and control of resources, education and employment. This is attributed to the under-representation of women at decision-making levels despite the fact that women make up at least 52% of Malawi’s population. In general, most women are not aware of concepts of governance in a democratic system, the structures and relationships within government, the responsibilities of public officials, and how to hold those officials accountable for the policies they make as well as their implementation or delivery. This state of affairs decreases their participation in decision making.

It is against this background that GCAP Malawi in collaboration with relevant government ministries joined the international community in commemorating the International Women’s Day on 8 March 2011 and 31 March 2011. At the national event on the 8th of March, the first lady of Malawi, Her Excellency, Madame Callista Mutharika as the special guest of honor and in her capacity as a Safe Motherhood Ambassador, she said that her focus will be on improving maternal health in view that the country looses over 510/100,000 mothers during child birth, a situation far away from the target set in the Millennium Declaration.

Moving away from the city to the Makata Health Centre in Blantrye District on the 31st of March for the follow-up event, GCAP Malawi sought to accord members of the media and the public first hand experience of the state of healthcare facilities at the rural areas.

In a practical gesture of support, Members of GCAP Malawi mobilized and teamed up with community members to clean up the hospital. Additionally, they present little gifts to encourage and support vulnerable mothers and their children at the hospital.

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