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G20 Updates and Consulations

The Civil G20 (C20) is asking for input on several G20 topics, including infrastructure, climate financing, education and growth.  The deadline though is 12 March.  

Below are links and information from the C20 Secretariat as well as a number of resources that we hope you find useful, including analysis, calenders, dossiers about the B20 and L20 and more.

From the C20

On the C20 Conversations site, you can help shape civil society’s recommendations to the G20 for a more inclusive and sustainable global economy.

The second round of discussion topics is now open for comment until Wednesday 12 March:

Please log onto C20 Conversations over the next week to ensure your feedback on these important themes is taken into account. You can read background papers on each of the four policy themes on the site.

The outcomes of these discussions will inform the discussions at the C20 Summit in Melbourne in June, which will finalise civil society’s recommendations to the G20.

To stay in touch with the Australian C20, visit www.c20.org.au, follow them on Twitter or email admin@c20.org.au.

Additional Resources

  • Chinese Radio International (MP3):  Nancy Alexander of the Heinrich Boell Foundation shares insights about the February G20 Finance Ministers meeting along with economists Luca Silipo and Zhao Changhui.  Alexander was asked "what's missing from the G20's radar?".  What do you think???  Inequality, climate change, jobs, justice . . . .
  • The Heinrich Boell Foundation also keeps dossiers on the B20 and L20.