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G20 Update: Syria

Leaders from the world's richest countries traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia for the 2013 G20 Leaders Summit to discuss quantitative easing, tax policies, commodity markets and other financial matters. But the question of possible US military strikes against Syria overshadowed the meetings.

GCAP and the Feminist Task Force have issued a media release on the issue with several main points:

1.  Don't bomb Syria.  

2.  G20 countries and the United Nations must address the humanitarian crisis.  Over four million families have been displaced from their homes and 110,000 have died from conflict since the uprising against Syria's dictatorship started two and a half years ago.

3.  A political solution is needed.  And the G193 (the UN) is the proper forum to address this.

4.  Those responsible for using chemical weapons should be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court.

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