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A Snapshot of The World We Want Report From GCAP Germany

GCAP Germany 2011: Raise the stakes, defeat poverty

Political background

WOLA Statement, El Salvador: Troubling Attacks on the Independence of the Judiciary


 On June 2, a constitutional crisis erupted in El Salvador. The Salvadoran Legislative Assembly approved Decree 743, which mandates that the five members of the Constitutional Court must rule unanimously instead of with the previous four-person majority.

Democracy Under Assault in El Salvador – Civil Society Reacts

Civil society in El Salvador has taken to the streets en masse to protest against a new law, Decree 743, which would require all 5 judges of the Constitutional Court to vote unanimously in order to rule any new laws as unconstitutional.

The Constitutional Court (Sala de lo Constitucional) of El Salvador's Supreme Court is the judicial body which has the responsibility for ruling

Gender Issues Absent from the LDC Agenda

On 8th May 2011, GCAP Ambassador, Adelaide Sosseh, presented, "From Istanbul to Busan; Placing MDGs in the Heart of Busan", on behalf of GCAP Korea.  

The intended message of the presentation was to communicate the following: