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action/2015 Asia

In the middle of a coup d'etat, representatives from GCAP Asia and the Asia Development Alliance (ADA) met in Thailand to form a broad and inclusive platform called action/2015 Asia to inspire and mobilise individuals, organisations, social movements and others across the continent.

The goal: nothing short of achieving a just and sustainable world.

action/2015 Asia -- which is aligned with GCAP's Global Moves for Justice as well as the global action/2015 campaign -- will amplify the voices and aspirations of Asians to influence governments, businesses, institutions as well as the Post-2015 sustainable development agenda and international climate negotiations. (Read more.)

Representatives from 31 civil society organisations and platforms, hailing from 13 countries, participated in the Bangkok meetings. Some campaigners are from the anti-poverty and human rights movements; others from climate actions. action/2015 Asia brings these two movements together in a joint mobilisation for justice.

Campaigners note that the year ahead holds a unique possibility to shape the global agenda as nations are expected to adopt a new climate agreement in Paris and UN members draft a Post-2015 sustainable development framework.

"Across Asia, we vow to reclaim our rights," states the Bangkok Call to Action. "We move to create just sustainable communities that are free from fear and want, for people today and our children tomorrow. We see the linkages - from pervasive corruption to mind-numbing greed - and pledge to campaign together for justice."


A centerpiece of the action/2015 Asia campaign are "iMove" events: "iMove Against Injustice, Inequality and Insecurity". The iMove tagline can also be adapted by local and national campaigns. For example, "iMove for Decent Work" or "iMove Against Violence".

The Bangkok Call to Action calls on organisations and activists across Asia to join the action/2015 Asia mobilisation and to organise "iMove" events. The communique also prescribes policy and political solutions, which can be adopted by local and national organisers.

action/2015 Asia will be launched on 19 August, which marks a 500-day countdown to the Millennium Development Goal deadline, and will continue through 2015. 19 August is also International Youth Day and International Humanitarian Day.

"We join together as activists and representatives of Asian civil society to launch a joint campaign for justice, peace, equality and planet: action/2015 Asia."

While Asian campaigners intend to shape the global sustainable development framework, they also recognise that change must come at the local and national levels. As such, the communique includes a call - and a promise - that civil society will press governments, businesses and international institutions -- like the Asian Development Bank, ASEAN, SAARC and G20 - for justice.

"Governments, international institutions, businesses and civil society must work on climate and development together before we reach a point of no return, where adaptation to climate change is not feasible, where decades of development gains are undone and entire cultures lost," campaigners note in the communique designed to encourage mass mobilisation.

"Over the last two years, maybe because of the UN process, we as civil society have been caught in a policy mode," observed GCAP co-chair Amitabh Behar at the meeting, before promising a shift to the villages and streets to "ensure that there is a robust people's movement on the ground to build serious pressure on governments".

There are many ways to participate in action/2015 Asia. iMove actions can take place at local or national levels; they can also be linked between countries along a common theme. Youth are expected to take a lead.  Possibilities include organising events at venues where people gather to watch big sports matches, concerts, dances, cricket matches, events in the Peace Boat's ports of call as well as social media, photo and other online campaigns.


Amitabh Behar:  "We always need to bring in the southern perspective rooted in people's aspirations and people's anger."

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