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Climate justice, All Ages and Sexual and Reproductive Rights - May Mobilisations continue


17 May – Faith Climate Action

This day marked the launch of Yeb Sano former Filippino climate ambassador´s People’s Pilgrimage beginning in his homecity of Tacloban, which was ground zero of 2013 Typhoon Haiyan. Over the next few months he will walk thousands of kilometre visiting climate affected communities and culminating in Paris of the COP21 talks,

"We are going to send a powerful, loud message to world leaders that we are many, and we care about the governments and industries of the world finding a solution to the climate crisis," he said "What we want is a just, equitable, ambitious and durable climate agreement to be forged in Paris."

18 May- World leaders to measure up to our ambition

This day of action took part at the start crucial SDG negotiations at the UN in New York 18-22 May. Across action/2015 we sent messages through letters, postcards and tweets letting them know that millions of people are taking action and demanding that they measure up to our ambition and set up a robust system to ensure progress towards a better future for our people and our planet.

22 May All Ages Day

“As we get older our rights do not change. As we get older, we are no less human and should not become invisible….I want to tell the world that I count, that older people everywhere count and that people of all ages should be included in the Sustainable Development Goals,”said Desmond Tutu in a video launched on this action day which saw inspiring inter-generational events in Malawi, Kenya, Mongolia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Bolivia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand Myanmar and Nepal. In Thailand older people learned about new technology and social media from younger people while in Kenya intergenerational public dialogue to promote the inclusion of people of all ages in the SDG framework was held.

Thunderclap reach on the day was over 300,000 with total social media impressions of 1,428,955 and 17 media articles with a potential viewership of 100 million.

25 Africa Day 70,000 people joined the “NO MORE WORDS-TAKE ACTION” campaign call across 30 countries across Africa demanding a concrete action plan for the implementation of the Africa common position to be agreed on during the Addis Addaba Finance for Development Summit.

Action/2015 participants in Togo and Ghana

“Africa is already blessed with huge amounts of resources needless to mention the new discoveries in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and many other parts of Africa but without good governance and people’s participation, the resources have a potential of being a curse than a blessing to the African people.

We therefore call on our leaders to shy away from bad governance and take action and liberate Africa from the bondage of poverty, disease, youth unemployment, poor infrastructure, illiteracy, inland conflicts and terrorism,” said action/2015 participants in a press statement.

Actions included a live radio debate in Benin, Citizens Hearings in Sierra Leone and a roundtable on poverty and inequality in Seychelles which made front page news.

26 May Finance our Future coincided with an EU Foreign Affairs Council on Development meeting in Brussels. action/2015 members united in a global call to EU leaders to keep their promise of 0.7% of GDP for aid by 2020. X number of people participated online by sending #RecommitToAid tweets to their EU Development Minister while activists in Brussels participated in a stunt outside the EU Commission.

“Justice and accountability are theelephantsin the room," said Ana Alcalde, of Allianza por la Solidaridad and GCAP, "European countries must not be allowed break their promises. We insist on Financing Justice and economies that create prosperity for all, not just a privileged few."

28 May Our Bodies Our Rights called on global leaders to ensure that Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of Young Women and Men are fully recognized and funded within the SDGs and FfD agreements. The day saw wide participation across Latin America with young men and women organized a flashmob in La Paz, Bolivia calling for the right to safe abortion with similar events taking place in Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic and a statement sent to the governments of these countries calling for changes to laws which prevent adolescents and women accessing safe abortions in particular in cases their lives are in danger. In Africa events were held in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon where participants met with the Finance Minister and began a dialogue on SDG priorities in this country. In India a workshop was held with Dalit women from a number of villages on SRHR.

flash mob4

Our Bodies, Our rights tattoos were designed and used by participants worldwide to spread the message and a twitter chat was held #WomenHealthMatters #SRHR4ALL #YouthVoices #May28.

29 May Climate Justice100% renewable energy and Bold Climate Action was the call of the 9,000 people who mobilised across over 30 countries to rally against fossil fuels in diverse events which included youth groups in Nigeria challenging their incoming president to take climate action to Romanians mobilising against deforestation to people in the Netherlands people burying their heads in the sand to protest against poor leadership on climate change.

Other Event highlights

iMove for Social Inclusion! On 15 May GCAP Socially Excluded Task Force organized a Flash Mob in Dehli against every form of discrimination with people from various Africa countries and Burma dancing alongside Indians with a strong message on inclusion. “It was a joy to see all these communities coming together as one to celebrate through the movement of their bodies. The dance unified them, crossing all languages and cultural barriers. Our hope and aim is to bring these feelings back to the households of each of the 70 youngsters who became ambassadors for a new and inclusive society;” said Eleonora Fanari of SETF. More info here: http://www.youthkiawaaz.com/2015/05/flash-mob-in-delhi/

GCAP Pakistan organized a day of action on 20 May focused on the 

rights of young gay people in Multan who created a picture wall to promote messages on peace and equality. “It was bit more sensitive to engage this community because in Pakistan, it is more a Religious matter rather than Human Rights and it is considered taboo in society. But we believe in putting all positivity together and organized this Day of Action promoting Peace and tolerance through arts and design,” said Maryam Amjad of GCAP Pakistan.

On 23 May GCAP Japan celebratedInternational Day forBiological Diversity at Mount Takao 50 Tokyo rich in biodiversity of around 1,300 species of plants and 5,000 species of insects. A group of 1500 climbers climbed the mountain and took photos at the summit with yellow action/2015 ribbons and flyers to raise awareness of conservation and sustainable development.