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Open Working Group Side Event: "Implementing a Just, Inclusive, Equal and Sustainable Development Agenda"

Human development is not a contested idea. But how do we achieve it? What are the metrics and indicators? These key questions are once again being brought to the forefront as the UN General Assembly's 'Open Working Group' meets in New York to develop a set of “Sustainable Development Goals”.

GCAP – in collaboration with Wada na Todo Abhiyan and the Feminist Task Force – is working to ensure that southern voices and perspectives shape the SDGs and Post-2015 development agenda.


The SDGs and Post-2015 development agenda must go beyond 'mere necessities' and focus on justice, equality, freedom and participation.

The FTF, GCAP and WNTA are highlighting perspectives from the Global South at an Open Working Group side event entitled, Implementing a Just, Inclusive, Equal and Sustainable Development Agenda”.

Please also join the Inequalities e-conversation at www.worldwewant2015.org.

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Read a post-event Media Release, entitled "Indian Civil Society Seeks Rights-Based Frame at UN & Inclusion of Most Marginalised in Post-2015 Devevlopment Agenda", as well as more detailed reports of the discussions (31 Dec | 15 Jan), both prepared by WNTA 

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