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October 17th Update From GCAP Japan

In Japan, the SUTA 2012 campaign was held from 1 to 17 October. People did stand up in support of poverty eradication all over the country. About 27,000 people stood up, and around 1,200 events were reported in Japan.

Although recently, Japan's political climate makes a difficult social mood for movement like SUTA, GCAP Japan could mobilize people from various sectors by cooperating with United Nations Information Centre, Girl Scout of Japan, Scout Association of Japan, World Conference of Religions for Peace Japan Committee, Japanese Trade Union Confederation, Japan NGO Network for Education, Japan Committee for UNICEF, Pal-System Consumers' Cooperative Union and Global Compact Japan Network, as well as Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Unlike last year, there was no mass stand up conducted at sports games or big conferences. However, one university and three high schools did stand up with more than 1,000 students respectively. A photo shows such a stand up event at one of the high schools.

Celebrating the first International Day of the Girl Child, GCAP Japan with UN Information Centre, Girl Scout of Japan and Plan Japan organized a stand up event in front of UN University in Tokyo.

This year GCAP Japan organized a gathering event for networking young people. We believe that this event would bring out new ideas and useful relationships for our movement next year.

From home to workplace, people did own creative stand up to make the messages prevail. The workplace photo shows that the office workers hold tablet PCs instead of papers.

Finally, GCAP Japan published a booklet "Millennium Development Goals - 8 ways to eradicate world poverty" in October. While only three years are left until 2015, we think this easy-to-read booklet helps more Japanese come to know the issue, that would increase support for this movement for the remaining period.