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EEN (GCAP Netherlands) Launches New Online Tool For Journalists




Cool Hunting the Global Village

New Trendwire Service Features Trends from Africa, Asia & Latin America

October marks the launch of a new online tool for journalists called Edgie.  Edgie features the latest trends from Africa, Asia and Latin America with stories about fashion, beauty, dance, development and inspirational people.  Powered by the Dutch campaign organisation EEN, Edgie links journalists to exclusive content and allows journalists to produce unique stories from developing countries.

News and commentary about the developing world is often related to poverty, civil unrest, failed economies and political corruption. Edgie aims to move the focus of the developed world to the positive developments happening in the third world. Through this positive light,Edgieis able to promote artists, musicians and creatives alike in regions such as Africa, while bringing a new angle to the discussion of poverty and how to combat it.

Specifically catering for journalists covering the Why Poverty Project, Edgie is now online.  Why Poverty? is a global debate on poverty that asks questions on poverty through a ground breaking cross media event based on film and online shorts. Edgie collects stories that contribute to this debate. Edgie is also cooperating with The Cartoon Movement, a global community of almost 200 professional cartoonists, who will publish a special series of cartoons from November 25-30.

Edgie can be found at http://edgie.een.nl/

This is a beta version of a website that will be further developed next year. 

For more information about Edgie please contact Ilse Chang at: ilse@een.nl, tel: +31-85-4001007.

Edgie is powered by EEN , the campaign organisation of the Netherlands Platform for the Millennium

Goals. EEN is a nonpartisan campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty. Our goal is a sustainable and just world that is shared equally. Our campaigns show people how to contribute to such a world. More information about EEN (in Dutch) at http://www.een.nl/

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