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BRICS: The Club in the Club

The BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – risk losing their international credibility if they don't behave as responsible donors, writes GCAP Russia co-chair Vitaliy Kartamyshev.

These five countries produce about 20% of the world's economic output and account for a growing percentage of official development assistance. But it's clear that the BRIC have “fewer scruples” about how this aid impacts human rights, democracy, women and ethnic minorities.

At a minimum, the BRICS should adopt a set of guiding principles to ensure that they do not uphold political regimes that impoverish communities, exploit natural resources and undermine the development prospects of recipient countries.

In an article originally published by the Heinrich Boell Foundation as part of a series of G20 updates, Kartamyshev also argues that decisions by the BRICS, G20, G8 and other such clubs are poorly understood by the country's citizens and even the media. Civil society networks and movements have a role to play here – through education and adding to the political discourse.

GCAP South Africa Joins Call for Human Rights and Ratification of OP-ICESCR

GCAP South Africa joins leading African and international civil society groups and citizens in protest rally calling for human rights and the ratification of the OP-ICESCR

GCAP Africa Takes Big Action for the Tiny Tax!

GCAP National coalitions across Africa call on the  African Union and European Commission to support a Financial Transaction tax to help eliminate  poverty and achieve the MDGS.

GCAP South Africa Calls for Action in Botswana

Botswana: Mounting Tension Must End

Says South African Civil Society Coalition 



Johannesburg 27 May 2011

GCAP Pushes for The World We Want at the G8 France

GCAP France have reported back after meeting with the French presidency and Sherpas that African Presidents from Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Senegal and South Africa will be invited to the G8 summit, specially for the partnership with Africa session.

The G8 Summit, being hosted by France in Deauville will be held on the 26th-27th May, 2011. 

The Continent’s Hope in the Achieving the MDGs: South Africa

By Mandeep S.Tiwana, policy manager, CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation