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Nine Is Mine Rail Campaign Rolls on In India

Day Two East Coast Rally

Journal Of Hope Given to Dr. Binayek Sen After Release

The Journal of Hope was handed over to Dr. Binayak Sen in Wardha, Maharashtra (India) by GCAP India partner, YUVA Rural in August 2011. 

Blog Series, Entry 2: Anti Corruption Protests in India

Anti-Corruption Protests in India: Just a middle class movement or is it something more?

Blog Series, Entry 1: Anti Corruption Protests in India

On 16th August 2011 between 11:30 and 3:30 am a team from the Centre for Democracy and Social Action (Richa Singh, Bhavana Thakur, Pooja Ravi and Aditya Ray) paid a visit to two sites of the anti-corruption protest. Given below is our account of what we observed on day 1 of the protest. It must be mentioned here that at this stage it is not an exhaustive analysis but simply our observations.