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G20 Updates and Consulations

The Civil G20 (C20) is asking for input on several G20 topics, including infrastructure, climate financing, education and growth.  The deadline though is 12 March.  

Below are links and information from the C20 Secretariat as well as a number of resources that we hope you find useful, including analysis, calenders, dossiers about the B20 and L20 and more.

From the C20

On the C20 Conversations site, you can help shape civil society’s recommendations to the G20 for a more inclusive and sustainable global economy.

The second round of discussion topics is now open for comment until Wednesday 12 March:

GCAP Australia Meets PM to Ensure Poverty is on the Agenda

Major Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting to be held in Australia - GCAP meets Prime Minister to ensure poverty will be on the agenda

Rebuilding Trust at St. Paul’s Cathedral

StPaulsEvent 015

Jessica Gomez-Duran

Alison Woodhead: Brown's Busiest Day

The choir was rousing, and the speeches were pretty good too, though you got the slight impression that Gordon 8rown was motoring through it so he could get on with other things. This has got to be one of the busiest days of his life. Obama is already in the air and the communiqué is going down to the wire. At least a thousand people came to St Paul's today, to listen to the UK and Australian PMs talk about morality and hope in the face of the worst crisis of our generation.