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  • The G20's 'Financing for Investment' must not leave Sustainable Development behind

    “Financing for Investment” -- a new catchphrase for generating long-term finance primarily for huge, cross-border Public Private Partnerships in infrastructure -- is quickly becoming a centrepiece of the G20's agenda and will feature prominently in this year's G20 meetings.

    In much of the world, writes Nancy Alexander, infrastructure investment is desperately needed.  But new infrastructure projects should strengthen, not undermine, sustainable development.

  • GCAP Germany: "The Right to Food should not be a game of chance"

    As the European Union debates a new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) whose impact will be felt across the globe, GCAP Germany has presented its government with a petition calling on the EU to enshrine the Right to Food in its policies.

    More than 14,000 people signed the petition, which was presented to German Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner.

    "Europe's agricultural subsidies and export policies undercut local products – particularly of milk and meat -- in other countries, depriving farmers and traders in Africa and elsewhere of their livelihoods," says Anke Scheid of GCAP's German national coalition, Deine Stimme Gegen Armut which means "Your Voice Against Poverty".

    GCAP Germany presents Right to Food petition

  • A View from Bolivia: The UN Calls for Universal Health Care

    In a resolution adopted by consensus, the UN General Assembly urged member countries last December to implement affordable health care systems that cover all citizens. The resolution calls on member states to develop national health systems that “pool risks among the population” to avoid “the impoverishment of individuals as a result of seeking the care (that they need),” particularly in the case of catastrophic illnesses. 

    While this is a step in the right direction, citizens must take action to ensure that their rights are protected, writes Oscar Lanza.  Universal health care on its own does not ensure fairness.  


  • Gender Equality: Is the High Level Panel Listening?

    Poverty justice campaigners, led by the Feminist Task Force, have sent the UN High Level Panel on Post 2015 a clear message: gender equality is essential to end poverty. But did the panelists receive it?

    The "Gender Equality to End Poverty" statement complements the "Red Flag" message and was drafted at the Bonn civil society forum "Advancing the Post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda".  Individuals and organisations are invited to endorse the statement.  Key messages include the need to

  • G20 - Opportunities for Civil Society Input

    For the first time in the history of the G20, it appears there is a formal process for civil society to provide inputs before decisions are taken. Previous meetings with sherpas have tended to be at the conclusion of one of their preparatory meetings.

    GCAP and its constituents have been actively engaged in G8 and G20 processes, from pressing for more inclusive representation to advocating for better outcomes.

    Russia is the chair of the 2013 G20 and the leaders' summit will be on 5 - 6 September in St. Petersburg. 

    Here are several documents - some in draft form - prepared by civil society activists:

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