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From Labour Rights to Citizen Participation - the first 16 days of May Mobilisations

01 May - Socially Excluded Groups and Labour Rights

Lead by the GCAP Socially Excluded Task Force the day saw women and men workers from dalit, adivasis and other excluded communities across India take to the streets to demand decent work and a dignified wage.  People on the ground and online created a unified chain linking fingers and calling for an ambitious SDG to stop discrimination and ensure equality in work spaces, dignified work and a decent wage for all by 2030.







Actions also took place in Ghana, Pakistan, Kenya and Costa Rica Very exciting news came from action/2015 Kenya where the President agreed on a 12% Pay Increase for workers!

“The present system of governance has made labourer and working class vulnerable even though the wealth of the nation was built on the theft of their land and from their work in the farms, mines and factories,” said Kenneth Amoateng of GCAP Ghana during a mobilisation event in Accra, “The time has come for politicians to talk to the labourer and working class openly and honestly to ensure the enhancement of the dignity of the Ghanaian labour force.”

05 May – Stop at nothing to get to zero preventable child death took place as part of World Vision’s Global Week of Action where communities, supporters and the public took more than 20.1 million actions across 71 countries. The symbolic campaign action saw individuals and groups making a circle with either their hands or with a group of friends - this symbol to represent the zero message was then uploaded to the Stop at Nothing photo wall www.wvi.org/gwa

Some key activities took place in Nepal and Burundi where, despite the earthquake response and political instability, the public responded in their thousands. Other highlights saw Bangladesh hosting more than 30,000 events, Mali texting 5 million people in partnership with Orange and a new video 'What Happens Next?' getting 400,000+ views.

08 May – Safe, decent and healthy housing


To raise awareness of the importance of housing, 58,000 people all over the world wrote down what their house means to them and shared it on social media. The day of action coincided with the final day of the 2nd Latin American and Caribbean Forum on Adequate Housing which brought together public, private and civil society to work together to take a holistic approach to housing and cities to ensure that every person on the planet has a safe, decent, affordable, healthy place to live by 2030.

13 May – Poverty is Sexist of how poverty disproportionately affects women and lead by ONE, raises awareness calls on World Leaders to take concrete action on issues such as access to education for girls, property rights for women, ending forced marriage and maternal mortality. 

On the Poverty is Sexists action day photo calls took place in Boston, Chicago, Austin, Rome, Paris, London, Brussels and Berlin as well as policy forums in Benin, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe while there were more than 37,000 posts of #Strengthie’s across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in 100 countries including from celebrity Mary J Blige and Nobel Peace Laureate Malala.

  And all over the world we loved listening to 9 of Africa´s most talented women artists celebrate the power of strong women and girls everywhere! Listen to Yemi Alade, Omatola and Jalade and others https://youtu.be/BGvOaGp5M-4

14 May – Nothing about us Without us – Accountability

A joint statement on greater accountability for citizens was handed over by health advocate Faridah Mwanje from Uganda to UN Secretary General during the launch of an Updated Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health in New York.











This coincided with aglobal twitter chat titled “Nothing About Us Without Us” where campaigners urged leaders to deliver on their promises and consult citizens in decision making processes. There was participation across 18 countries and almost 500 tweets with an audience of 10,955,750.

15 May End Hunger andMalnutrition

Using sporting events the day raised awareness of child malnutrition globally and aimed to inspire and mobilise communities to take action to increase the number of children who survive and thrive. Thousands of people signed up to the

GCAP Singapore organized a solidarity event to distribute food to people in marginalized neighbourhoods and a seminar to raise awareness of poverty in Singapore as well as globally.


16 May - Citizen Participation and Freedom of Assembly

From Mexico to Mongolia, thousands of citizens around the world took part in this day exercising their fundamental rights to speak out, organise and take action on a wide-range of social issues and raise awareness of the importance of citizen participation in global processes such as the SDGs.

More than 100 events in 50 countries saw a combined total of over 20,000 citizens engaged with 1 million showing support online.


Day of Action Participants in Benin

It was heart-warming to see so many events in some really difficult circumstances“ says Zubair Sayed Head of Communication at CIVICUS citing as an example an event in Pakistan where families of human rights activists killed for their work, lawyers, teachers, student federations, civil society members and journalists gathered to talk about restrictions on civic freedoms and human rights.