Post 2015 Bali

The UN Secretary-General's High Level Panel on Post 2015's third substantive meeting -- held in Bail, Indonesia from 25 - 27 March 25 -- focused on Partnership and Cooperation for Development.  A global civil society meeting was held on the 23rd - 24th, followed by a Town Hall meeting with the HLP members on Monday the 25th.

Among the issues on HLP's agenda were the development of partnerships between state and non-state actors, accountability mechanisms, the affordability and feasibility of proposed goals, and building and sustaining the involvement of non-state actors including youth, civil society, academia and the  private sector.

On this page, we aim to share some of the key analysis, documents and resources related to the Bali meetings.  We hope this will be useful to campaigners as we continue to lobby and mobilise for The World We Want.   


Civil Society Statements Presented at the Bali Town Hall and shared with the HLP members

  • PARTICIPATE - Key Findings - a synthesis of 84 participatory studies produced by Beyond 2015 and Institute of Development Studies with funding from UK AID.

Additional Communiques

Online Resources


The following article is featured on the website of Liberia's President:

Mark Tran, a correspondent for The Guardian's Global Development website, filed several articles from Bali, including:

MY World

MY World is a global poll asking people about the issues that make the most difference in their lives. Updated results were presented to the High Level Panel in Bali.  Health and education are the top issues globally, but respondents are also clear that new issues -- like an honest and responsive government, greater protection from crime and violence, better job opportunities and attention to discrimination and inequality - must also be part of the Post-2015 agenda.